American Idol season XIV is now down to a top nine with the elimination Wednesday night of Diamond Bar’s Adanna Duru and Maddie Walker, the pride of Iowa.

That leaves Daniel, Quentin, Joey, Tykanna, Jax, Nick, Qaasim, Clark and Rayvon to battle it out for the title.

But maybe the bigger news of the Idol day was the morning telephone press conference held jointly by Adanna and Maddie. Both admitted that they – nos. 10 & 11 to be eliminated – have been told nothing re. the Idol Summer Tour.

The Tour, an Idol staple not only for stage experience but also for the pocketbooks of the Top 10 or 11 finalists, has been a goal of most contestants since the show’s inception.

But its popularity across the country has waned in recent years as some Tour shows were cancelled a year ago. And the show’s ratings have dropped. Wednesday’s two-hour offering was the lowest rated Idol show of the season.

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