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After 15 seasons, American Idol prepares to say goodbye

The TV singing competition debuted just after 9-11, offering America a new kind of hope. This week, the show will pick its final American Idol.

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After American Idol, Avalon’s dream is music

The backdrop certainly won’t be familiar, but the face you might see in San Diego this weekend will be. You see, after coming into your living room on television weekly for nearly 2½ months and about 6 months of “American Idol” captivity, Tierrasanta’s (a San Diego suburb) Avalon Young, who was [...]

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American Idol down to a 6-pack

American Idol said goodbye to Avalon Young when they revealed their Top 6. The "American Idol" door closed Thursday night on Avalon Young and on San Diego’s chances of ever having a homegrown winner of what was for many seasons the country’s highest-rated television show. Young, 21, from [...]

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American Idol down to Elite 8

With a hip-hop style appealing to young voters, San Diego’s Avalon Young worked her way into the Top 8 on “American Idol’s” 15th and final season when the viewer vote was revealed during a two-hour show Thursday night. Idol host Ryan Seacrest revealed that Gianna Isabella, Olivia Rox and Young [...]

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American Idol’s Top 10 works for Avalon Young

After 15 seasons, “American Idol” is about to close up shop and fade away from the television landscape. Ratings have slip-slided away, audience numbers have dropped, wannabe contestant entries have fallen … it was time to go. So what was the allure that made this show the most-watched TV production [...]

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American Idol reveals their Top 10

American Idol's top 10 With approximately 70,000 aspiring American Idols now out of the way, we are down to the Final 10 contestants as Idol’s 15th and final season has reached the point where viewer votes will determine who advances and who goes home to watch the show [...]

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American Idol down to the Top 14

Shelbie Z performs “Bohemian Rhapsody” with All-Star Constantine Maroulis. Despite a stellar performance, the Idol hopeful did not make it into the Top 14. (Ray Mickshaw/FOX) With approximately 70,000 aspiring American Idols now out of the way, we are down to the Final 14 contestants as Idol’s 15th [...]

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5 cut from Top 24; 5 more to go next week

Avalon Young of San Diego sings with past American Idol winner, Ruben Studdard. (AMERICAN IDOL) Thousands have tried over the past 15 years, but no one from San Diego County has ever been crowned the winner of American Idol. Now in season 15, the final Idol season, San [...]

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Two in SoCal still in the running

Jessica Sanchez came close. So did Adam Lambert. Both were Idol runnersup. Now a pair of 21-year old wannabee vocal superstars represent San Diego’s last chance of winning the title of the next American Idol. Stephany Negrete As Idol winds its way toward an April 7 finale of [...]

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Idol finale back in Hollywood

We are well into our 15th and final season of American Idol. Keep an eye on a pair of singers from San Diego and another from Danville. Just sayin'. More, much more to come real soon...  

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