There they were, the Idol Top 5 at Humphreys in San Diego Tuesday night.

In order from 1 to 5: Nick Fradiani, Clark Beckham, Jax, Rayvon Owen and Tyanna Jones.

Based on one night, one performance…

Tyanna: Big voice, young, with lots of hard work and polish can see that personality winding up on Broadway some day.

Rayvon: Gospel star one day. You can see it in his eyes.

Jax: Still a teenager. Probably three years ahead of where most performers her age are right now. Has potential. Knows how to connect to an audience. If this were baseball she’d be playing AA and in need of a few more at-bats. But the potential for the big leagues is there.

Clark: Absolute best voice of the bunch, hands down. Christian music is his route to success. Think Michael Buble 15 years ago. Talented, very talented.

Nick: He won not because he had the best voice or the best showmanship or the most talent. But he won cause he had just enough of all three. Oldest, most mature participant on the show. Seems out of place with this group. Needs to be out on his own doing his own thing on this big of a stage. Would do him well to be an Opening Act for a headliner. He’d improve and do so rapidly.

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