Adanna Duri performs in Detroit. (American Idol)

Adanna Duri performs in Detroit. (American Idol)

It gets a bit convoluted now. But, hey, it’s American Idol and it’s almost always convoluted.

So, here’s the plan. Eight boys and eight girls performed last week, on Wednesday that  Sweet 16 will be cut to 10 – five boys and five girls. But hold that note. The judges will name two Wild Cards. But contestants who were eliminated prior to this will not be eligible.

That Dynamic Dozen will then reprise their audition songs for viewer votes. The thought here most likely is that we can now see how far they have progressed. The vote here, though, is to hear them sing something new. You can always hear and see progression or lack thereof that way.

On Thursday, one contestant will be eliminated and the remaining 11 will perform again for viewer votes.

Then on the following Thursday (March 19th) on a two-hour show (no Wednesday airing this week) one more will be eliminated and the Top 10 will perform for viewer votes.

Starting March 25 normalcy returns as Idol goes to once a week, two-hour shows combining performances and results.

The Top 16:

Daniel Seavey
Mark Andrew
Rayvon Owen
Adam Ezegelian
Clark Beckham
Nick Fradiani, Jr.
Qaasim Middleton
Quentin Alexander
Adanna Duru
Alexis Gomez
Joey Cook
Loren Lott
Maddie Walker
Sarina Joi-Crowe
Tyanna Jones

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