Joey Cook works the squeezebox in Detroit. (American Idol)

Joey Cook works the squeezebox in Detroit. (American Idol)

They came Wednesday (boys) and Thursday (girls). They saw Motown and Detroit. But did they conquer? NOT.

As hard as American Idol might be trying, it is not getting the talent the show so desperately needs. The idea here is to take a dozen girls and a dozen boys and whittle the number down to eight each. Very easily they could cut it down to four each after this week’s performances.

So, who are the four in each group who should be jettisoned next week by the voting public? In no particular order:

Boys: Michael Simeon, Savion Wright, Mark Andrew and Clark Beckham.

Girls: Joey Cook, Katherine Winston, Shi Scott and Maddie Walker.

As for the Californians left in the competition. Adanna Duru from Diamond Bar gave a solid performance and should make it through. San Diego’s Loren Lott got mixed reviews. Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. had little to say afterward and that just isn’t a good sign.

If you want to judge the talent level of a Top 24 finalists just watch two of them – Joey Cook and Qaasim Middleton – and note the difference.


Idol top 24 finalists


Adam Ezegelian

Michael Simeon

Savion Wright

Mark Andrew

Trevor Douglas

Clark Beckham

Rayvon Owen 

Daniel Seavey

Riley Bria

Quentin Alexander

Nick Fradiani

Qaasim Middleton




Lovey Jones

Adanna Duru

Joey Cook

Katherine Winston

Shannon Berthiaume

Loren Lott

Shi Scott

Maddie Walker

Sarina-Joi Crowe

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