All right, in my grubby little hand I am now holding a ticket to the Sept. 8, 2009 David Cook concert at the Fillmore in The City. To those of you outside NorCal, that’s San Francisco.

The staging at the California State Fair, where Cook and his buds performed on Aug. 21, 2009, is OK for what it is … but face it, it’s a fairgrounds. If I want to hear music, I want to hear it without all the background distractions. And if I don’t get it at the Fillmore then I guess I’m never gonna get it.

It isn’t often I treat myself to repeat performances. In fact, I can only think of twice I have done so and they have come with mixed reviews. Huey Lewis & The News – good the first time, not-so-good the second time around; and an a cappella group from Canada called the Nylons – gave them an A both times I saw them perform.

So, David Cook gets another go-round and playing where Jefferson Airplane, Hendrix and the Doors once performed … well, he ought to be inspired.

Kinda hope he does Permanent that night. Seems like a perfect place to do it.