American Idol Live: How the idols rank

There they were, the Idol Top 5 at Humphreys in San Diego Tuesday night. In order from 1 to 5: Nick Fradiani, Clark Beckham, Jax, Rayvon Owen and Tyanna Jones. Based on one night, one performance... Tyanna: Big voice, young, with lots of hard work and polish can see that [...]

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Review: American Idol Live in San Diego

Before the American Idol Live tour hits Santa Rosa on Aug. 22, Bill Pinella caught the show in San Diego. Here's what he thought.

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American Idol tour coming to Santa Rosa

Nick Fradiani and Jax, two of season 14’s favorite performers, discuss their feelings about the show’s looming end, and their excitement about coming to California.

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Nick’s your new Idol

29-year old Nick Fradiani, from Guilford, Conn. was announced as the winner of American Idol XIV Wednesday night at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

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Tyanna Jones exit interview

Interview with Tyanna Jones on American Idol.

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Quentin Alexander’s exit interview

Interview with Quentin Alexander.

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Down to the final five

So we are down to a final five - Clark, Nick, Jax, Tyanna and Rayvon.

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Joey Cook exit interview

This week’s exit interview with Joey Cook, the seventh-place finisher in American Idol Season XIV.

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Quirky Joey Cook eliminated

We are down to the Top 6 on American Idol Season XIV.

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Qaasim Middleton exit interview

Qaasim Middleton was the latest American Idol XIV contestant to be eliminated last week. Here is a transcript of his exit interview with the media.

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