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Baby Boomer Bill Pinella updates American Idol

Down to the final five

So we are down to a final five – Clark, Nick, Jax, Tyanna and Rayvon. They will all go on the Idol Summer Tour this year as it has been whittled down from 10 to 5. Eliminated this week was Quentin Alexander. In his exit interview on Thursday morning, which will be posted here soon, he came across as the most articulate, well-spoken contestant maybe in the 14-year history of the show. After the complete interview is posted you can… Read More »

Cook exit interview

This week’s exit interview with Joey Cook, the seventh-place finisher in American Idol Season XIV: MJ First question. What were you planning on singing next week, your two songs, Arena Anthem choices? Joey I was going to do “Story of My Life” by One Direction, all acoustic with just a guitar switched up Joey-style, and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen. MJ Those are awesome. And also, Scott Bradlee from Postmodern Jukebox Tweeted you last night, I guess, and… Read More »

Joey eliminated

Joey Cook, shall we say the quirky finalist, is gone and we are down to the Top 6 on American Idol Season XIV. That includes Quentin, Clark, Nick, Jax, Tyanna and Rayvon. Next week we cut the field to five and those five will be on the American Idol Live Summer Tour, Also next week, U.S. Women’s Soccer team members Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan will be on the show to make a special announcement. And who knows what that… Read More »

Middleton exit interview

Qaasim Middleton was the latest American Idol XIV contestant to be eliminated last week. Here is a transcript of his exit interview with the media:   Moderator                   Thank you.  We have Emily Katharina with the SciFi Vision.com.  Go ahead, please.   Emily                           Thank you.  Hi, Qaasim, thank you for talking with us today.   Qaasim                        No problem; thank you for calling.   Emily                           Oh, thank you so much.  So, I was wondering, now that you’ve been eliminated, very sadly, what… Read More »

Adanna Duru and Maddie Walker exit interviews

Exit interview/conference call with Adanna Duru and Maddie Walker: Q:. So can you two first talk about what’s the one piece of advice that one of the judges gave you that you’ll take with you that you think helped you the most? Adanna:  I’d have to say that my favorite piece of advice was control and being completely in control of everything that you’re doing on stage, in control of yourself and being confident in everything that you’re doing, because… Read More »

Sarina-Joi Crowe’s exit interview

Here is the exit interview with Sarina-Joi Crowe who made it to the Top 12 but was eliminated last week: Q: So, based upon your performance Wednesday night, were you shocked that out of everyone in the top 12, you apparently got the lowest votes. I mean, a lot of viewers didn’t see that coming. Sarina-Joi: I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t exactly happy with Wednesday’s performance. I knew it wasn’t my best. I won’t say it was a bad performance,… Read More »

Down to the final three

Jessica Meuse is the latest to be eliminated. That leaves us with Jena Irene, Alex Preston and Caleb Johnson as the Top 3. Want a prediction on the final outcome? Try this: 3- Alex; 2- Jena; 1- Caleb.

MK’s exit interview

Here is MK Nobilette’s exit interview with the media last Friday after she was eliminated on Thursday night: What kind of album would she like to make? “I love folk rock. I think that would be a good genre for me. I love strings and I love horns. Something folky.” Who would she love to collaborate with? “Definitely Allen Stone. I think we’d make amazing music together.” She said she wasn’t entirely unhappy to leave, because her goal was to… Read More »

Seems like Ben’s going home

Ryan says: “The Idol Summer Tour is happening and they’ll be playing sold out tours night after night.”  Doubtful, Ryan. Here we go, music from the movies: 1 Sam Woolf – Come Together by The Beatles (Across the Universe) Not bad, not good, he tried, girls screamed, I still wouldn’t buy his record. Call 1 855 4 IDOL 12(1 855 443 6512) or Text 12 to 83676 2 Jessica Meuse – The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkle (The Graduate)… Read More »