Oh, great we are back to the “chamber.” This is rapidly becoming a “chamber of horrors” and that is more like it. But, they made another tactical error – 5 of the 15 girls don’t even get to perform. A joke. They all made it this far so they all should be getting a chance at the nation’s votes.

By the end of Thursday night’s show there will be a Top 13. Still not quite sure how that is going to happen. Maybe for the boys we will only have three sing and all three will make it! This is crazy.

Randy Jackson makes an appearance to yuck it up over the workshop. Kinda miss the old Dawg, but I don’t know why

Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry have a hand in the workshop and that is a good thing. Have a hunch they know what they are talking about.

Then the lucky 10 got to perform:

Majesty Rose

Majesty Rose – Happy by Pharrell –

19-year-old probably makes the Top 10 off this performance.

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Kristen O’Connor – “Turning Tables” by Adele –

Chris Daughtry gave her pointers on staging and phrasing. It helped.

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Briana Oakley – “Warrior” by Demi Lovato –

JLo compares her to a young Whitney Huston. What?

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Jena Irene – She’s abandoning her Italian last name! Not a good sign.

She was obviously really nervous but she’s one of JLo’s favorites. Keith loves the way she holds the mic stand. Singing competition Keith, not holding the mic competition.

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Bria Anai – “Wrong Side Melanie Fiona –

She’s a big fashion geek, if you hadn’t figured that out by now. She wants to be remembered as the girl with the lips. Harry thought it was shouty. He gets booed for that.

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Marielle Sellars

Marrialle Sellars – “Roar” by Katy Perry –

This performance had pitch problems, or so it seemed. She almost tripped walking in her very high heels. Keith said it was not the best song or tempo for her. Probably right on key, Keith.

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Jessica Meuse – “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan –

She’s using her guitar! No surprise.  But the song is about Luke’s dead brother and sister. Right?  Harry calls her fresh and exciting. Really? She smiled while singing about dead people.

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Emily Piriz – “Paris Oh La La” by Grace Potter –

Adam suggests she hit the chorus more aggressively. Yawn.

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MK Nobilette

MK Nobilette – “All of Me” by John Legend –

MK wants to work on connecting to the song.  She does. She High Fives Adam over San Francisco, her home town. “You belong here,” says Harry. He is very correct.

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Another gimmick moment: Now we learn the Ben Briley vs Neco Starr winner. Ben, of course.

And the final contestant:

Malaya Watson – She plays tuba in the high school band. In a good way, Chris calls her voice, “Stupid.”

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The girls who did not sing: Austin Wolfe, Andrina Brogden, Kenzie Hall, Brandy Neelly and Jillian Jensen take the stage as we fade away. These five should head right over to “The Voice” auditions in protest.