As if the 22 hour wait wasn't enough, Idol picked back up Thursday night with CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher, and endured a long dramatic pause before learning that Casey Thrasher made the Top 30...and so did CJ Harris.

From Wednesday night, Casey Thrasher and CJ Harris face the judges and presumably one will go. But after much melodrama (which I am finding very tiring; and so was Casey, who said, “I’m so tired of y’all’s tricks.”) both make it to the Top 30 when actually both should have been cut. But one thing for sure, Thursday night’s episode was a one-hour show and that is a very good thing. Two hours is too much.

Before the rundown, is it me or is it just plain ridiculous to mandate 15 boys and 15 girls in the final Top 30? How unfair. Odds are fairly high that if the breakdown were made based on talent they would be long odds indeed that it would come out 50-50.

First, a Spoiler Alert: Case in point – and look away if you don’t want to see an early result – Savion Wright. He was eliminated during Thursday’s show despite the fact that he wasn’t Top 30 material, he was Top 10 material. Ridiculous.

And while we are at it, Group Night! Totally stupid and out went another Top 10 possibility in David Luning.

All that said, here is a rundown from Thursday night:

Marrialle Sellars – “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus – Pitch problems (you just had to hear that once), inconsistent, doesn’t deserve to go through but she does.

Jena Asciutto – 17 – Original Song – Makes it through, called a dark horse by Harry Connick, Jr. and that is a decent prediction. BTW it’s Jena as pronounced like Gina. Got it?

Caleb Johnson – 22 – “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons – Two seasons ago he made it to the final judgment. He makes the cut to the Top 30. Loud, rather self-assured, over the top.

Ethan Harris – “Amazed” by Lonestar – Gets through despite the fact that his performance was a yawner.

Sarina Joi Crowe – 18 – “Wrecking Ball” – cut

Nalina Quintello – “I’m Your Lady” – cut.

David Olliver Willis – good performance of “Bring it On Home to Me.” Should not have been cut, but he was.

Majesty York – “Stars” by Grace Potter – Another mistake, should have been cut but wasn’t. Made it even though she forgot part of the words and definitely struggled with the high notes.

Briston Maroney – 15 – “Let Her Go” by Passenger – Scratchy voice doesn’t work here, but the judges said yes

Returners Briana Oakley and Brandy Neelly were called to the judges together....and made the cut together.

Brandy Neelly (18) and Briana Oakley (17) – They made a final judgment together and both advance. Oakley was a reach for this yes vote.

Kenzie Hall (16) – “Your Song” by Elton John – More tears, actually lots of tears and another yes to the Top 30. Sad and sickening at the same time.

Savion Wright (21) – Original Song – He comes into the judgment room playing a ukulele. Then he gets cut, probably a big mistake. I hope the kid makes it.

Sandie Lee – (23) – “Bring It On Home to Me” – Cut and rightfully so.

Austin Wolfe – (17) – “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons – last girl to make the Top 30.

Neco Starr and Ben Briley remain – And America will make the pick although it looked like Ben was a clear-cut winner. Ben sings “Stars” by Grace Potter again. Neco sang “Halo” for the final song. Voting is, again, more unnecessary melodrama.

Following are your Top 29 finalists. One day soon, coming to a blog near you, will be predictions for the Top 10. And (holy Idol) next week we get Tues/Wed/Thurs shows as we whittle our way down to the top 10…

Top 15 Girls
Emily Piriz
Jillian Jensen
Malaya Watson
Bria Anai Johnson
Jessica Meuse
MK Nobilette
Kristen O’Connor
Andrina Brogden
Marrialle Sellars
Jena Asciutto
Majesty York
Brandy Neelly
Briana Oakley
Kenzie Hall
Austin Wolfe

Top 15 Boys
Spencer Lloyd
George Lovett
Sam Woolf
Maurice Townsend
Dexter Roberts
Emmanuel Zidore
Jordan Brisbane
Malcolm Allen
Alex Preston
Casey Thrasher
CJ Harris
Caleb Johnson
Ethan Harris
Briston Maroney

Ben Briley vs Neco Starr – Winner announced next week.