Now that he (Lazaro Arbos) is gone, well at least standing stage left for the next five
weeks, you kinda wish that he were still around. Face it, Lazaro certainly isn’t the No. 6 singer in the competition this season and if he is then we are in serious “singer drought” in this country.

But at least he gave us something to talk about. Cause that is the real problem with
American Idol Season 12 … there just isn’t much to talk about. From Day 1 it’s
been shoved down our vocal cords that a female will win this season. OK, with the Top 5 all girls now … do ya think?

And the rakings of those five females – Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller,
Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arthur have been pretty much that way for the last 7
weeks. And they aren’t likely to change now. History says that the voters’ minds are made up way in advance of the Top 2 finale show and certainly they are set now with five lucky souls left standing.

The save? Who cares now. The drama queen of all gimmicks is a yawner.

Nicki Minaj? She is proof that outrageous comment after outrageous comment gets outrageously old outrageously fast.

Mariah Carey? If she flips her hair toward her ample breasts one more time … please
Ryan just “dim the lights” on her.

Jimmy Iovine? In the name of Simon Cowell, please make him a judge.

So, Thursday’s results found Candice and Kree on top, Angie and Janelle in the middle and Amber and Lazaro on the bottom.

We move along and next week Janelle will go home. She might garner the “save” … but who cares?

In the meantime, Lazaro, thanks for coming.