This has become Idol Madness, but we’ll get to that In a bit. First, the winners on Thursday night’s American Idol elimination show.

In order: 1- Jessica Sanchez; 2- Casey Abrams; 3- Jimmy Iovine.

Honestly, I didn’t know Ne-Yo from a yo-yo but packaging Chula Vista’s favorite daughter with him was a brilliant move. His dancing and voice were a perfect match for her as they performed a dazzling rendition of her just-released single “Tonight.” The thought here is that we are witnessing a star in the making.

Casey is, well, Casey. He took a Beatles hit – “I Saw Her Standing There” – and made it his own jazzy-style. I have a feeling that you either love or really dislike Casey’s style. Here the answer is I love it. Casey and his bass  passed this way in Season 10 and this take on a Beatles song only solidified his brilliance. He, too, has a CD out and it is more than likely worth listening to.

Then we have Jimmy. He comes across as the harshest, most brutally honest scrutinizer of talent this side of Simon’s Cowell’s tight T-shirts. No fluff with Jimmy and it’s either his way or the vinyl highway. Personally, the show would do well to utilize his expertise more often.

And all that brings us to the Idol Madness. To get us to the Elite Eight, Paul Jolley was eliminated. That wasn’t all that wrong. But what was was that Lazaro Arbos made the cut … wasn’t even in the Bottom 3. Seriously, “Pants On The Ground” could hold his own with Lazaro. Mr. Arbos is advancing with a great back-story, a humble personality, good looks and minimal singing ability. No way is he Top 10-worthy and certainly he isn’t better than Paul or Curtis Finch, Jr.

And then there was the overlooked fact that Paul was joined in the Bottom 3 by Amber Holcomb and Devin Velez. Lazaro could have and should have replaced any of those three at the bottom … and Amber just might have the best pure voice left in the competition. Are we to believe these vote tallies and if they are truly honest and accurate then exactly who is voting and what are they voting for?  This has evolved into less and less of a vocal competition and more and more of a personality endeavor.

No order was offered this week, only the Bottom 3. Next week will be Motown Week and this one falls right into Candice Glover’s wheelhouse…or maybe Lazaro will be the top vote-getter … Holy Smokey Robinson!