At some point in every American Idol season the wife will get around to watching and it’s usually when the show hits the Top 12 or Top 10. And that’s her cue to proclaim: “If (fill in the blank) doesn’t win I’m never watching this show again!”

Idol Chatter had a moment like that Thursday during the showing of Idol’s audition stop in Baton Rouge, La. It was a little

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different in that IC didn’t go so far as to proclaim that 19-year old Bernell Taylor needs to win the competition for my continued interest in the show, but I must say based on what I saw Thursday he just has to wind up in the Top 5 come May.
Taylor, from New Orleans, along with his family lost everything to Katrina and then relocated to Baton Rouge. He sang “I’m Here” from the Color Purple and did it not only with a solid voice but also with a conviction that soared over everyone else on the show Thursday.

Just remember the name.

There were 35 golden tickets to Hollywood passed out Thursday night and some of the other names to remember: Charlie Askew, Maddie Assel, Michelle Montezeri and Paul Jolley.

Next week’s show moves on to San Antonio and then Long Beach.

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  1. smurf

    I just didn’t see it. I mean, good voice, yeah, but he didn’t make me say “Oh just cancel the show and give HIM the contract” as I have with a few others. Now, how about an article on the lawsuit filed by african american contestants….WTH? I don’t buy it. We have had top 10′s and a few winners of AA descent. Seriously?

    January 25th, 2013 8:49 am

  2. Oski

    Not a big fan of Megan Miller, A.I? The first contestant on Thursday’s show really wowed me, as did Bernell. I’m thinking they BOTH are Top 12 candidates….

    January 25th, 2013 1:14 pm

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