You’re gonna hear a lot about Season 9 runnerup Crystal Bowersox in this space over the next few days.

You see, she is coming to San Diego on Oct. 27 as the featured speaker and performer at the Diabetes Conference & Health Fair at the S.D. Convention Center. Bowersox has struggled with the disease (Type 1)  since she was a youngster and she feels her journey is worth relating to others with the same malady.

But first things first. On Monday she will travel back to her home state of Ohio. She grew up in the western part of the state and for her now it is much more than a place where she used to live. As you might have heard (ad nauseum) Ohio is a “battleground” state in this year’s presidential election. In fact, no Republican candidate for the presidency has ever won the office without benefit of havng won the Ohio vote.

“I’ll never tell anyone how to vote, but I need to go back and campaign for President Obama,” she said. “Quite frankly, I just don’t want anyone to tell me what to do with my body and that’s what the other side is doing.”

So, with her campaign buttons on and her guitar in hand Crystal is off to Ohio. Maybe it’ll be Crystal who will swing the youth vote and make a difference….