“I’m in Chicago somewhere,” Heejun Han said Saturday afternoon via cell phone prior to a performance that night in Rosemont, Ill.

The No. 9 finisher in this year’s American Idol race, had just rolled into town from his “live” performance debut the night before at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena.

“Yes, it was the first time I had ever performed in front of a live audience and there I was in front of over 6,000 in a hockey stadium. It was the first time in my life that I have performed like that.”

So, was he nervous?

“Nah, not at all. I know that my role is to warm up the crowd and to have some fun. Just to let my personality come across and I think I did that pretty well.”

During the inaugural night of the AI 45-city Summer Tour, Han performed “Green Light” and tossed in a llittle rap for the occasion and took part in five other numbers. Maybe one of the highlights of the show was Han, Jessica Sanchez and Deandre doing their version of the Party Time Anthem singing and dancing around.

Han admitted he never watched American Idol before trying out for the show and then advancing to the Top 10. And he never had seen an AI Summer Tour prior to the one he performed in last night.

“I’m like a volleyball player on this Tour.” Han said. “I’m the one who tosses the ball up in the air and the rest of the team spikes it home. That’s what happened last night and that’s what I will plan to do the rest of the Tour.”

Han has not signed any deal with a major record label and admits that music is not his real forte.

“My heart is in comedy and rythm and blues soul music,” Han admitted. “I don’t know what I’ll do when the Tour ends (Sept. 11 in Milwaukee) but hopefully I’ll have something in the works when it does.

The Summer Tour’s five California stops all come in July: Sacramento (21st), San Jose (22nd), L.A. (23rd), Ontario (25th); and San Diego (26th).