David Archuleta, who will appear at the Wells Fargo Center for the Performing Arts in Santa Rosa tonight (Dec. 13) at 8 o’clock, finished second on Season 7 of American Idol.

Now, nearly five seasons removed from that runnerup position, does Archuleta see any real difference between being an American Idol winner as oppossed to a second-place finish?

“Depends on what you were looking for,” he said in a recent phone interview while on a tour stop in Idaho. “If you were looking for the title then there is a difference. I don’t think it makes a difference on any position that you get on the show as long as you left an impression.

“It depends on how you continue working afterwards and how you work with that impression you left on people. And how you can get that going, that’s the real thing and that’s …I mean you could just stop doing stuff if you wanted to. It depends on what you are trying to work towards and the people who are around you. The team that you have.

“I lot of things come into play aside from whether you win or you don’t win or what place you got.”