We went through much angst at the opening of the show. What it real? Was it contrived? Will we ever know?

Apparently Lauren had voice woes prior to the show. Did she? If so how bad were they? And was it all hyped up to gain votes for her, if, indeed, Scotty had this incredible lead coming into the show? Will we ever know? And who was Dr. Kildare who came on stage explaining his miracle cure?

All that said, let’s get on with it. Three songs, a few comments from the judges and the hour show fades away….

Contestant’s pick:

Scotty McCreery – “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry –

Typical Scotty. Good opening choice.

Lauren Alaina – “Flat on the Floor” by Carrie Underwood –

Nothing wrong with this girl’s voice. Who was that doctor? I have a little bit of a sore throat I need him to check.

Idols “idol” pick:

Scotty McCreery – Picked by George Strait – “Check Yes or No” by George Strait –

Scotty plays acoustic guitar with the band  and does well.

Lauren Alaina – Carrie Underwood chose, “Maybe it Was Memphis” by Pam Tillis –

The outfit didn’t work, but the voice did. Good job by Lauren.

Randy: “These are the two that you (voters) chose. It’s so hard, it’s so even. Scotty, your reprisal of “Gone” was brilliant. The George Strait thing was really good.”

Randy gives Scotty a slight edge in round 1, Lauren in round 2.

Jlo – She is also giving Scotty the first round and Lauren the second.

Steven: Gives up the 1st round and the 2nd round to Lauren because she’s prettier than Scotty. OMG Steven…

Randy: “They’re both in it to win it!” (Haven’t we heard that somewhere before?)

The singles pick: (winner gets to record this song)

Scotty McCreery – “I Love You This Big” –

Clips from his “Idol journey” play behind him. Good song, good vocals. I really liked it.

Randy: “I’m just marveling that we have the two youngest finalist ever – the range was great–you sung low and you sang really high. Scotty you are in it to win it. That was a brilliant vocal.”

Jlo: “You are our great story teller. You did an amazing job with that song.”

Steven: “Scotty, you’ve come a long way. You take your chances, you ran with it, and you got it.”

Lauren Alaina – “Like My Mother Does” —

Good vocals but a little too cheesy for my tastes. High notes were a little off though.

Randy: “A great ode to your mom, I love that support. I love how at the end, finally, the Lauren we met in auditions came back. That was amazing, amazing.”

Jlo: “I think with that song you may have just won. It was beautiful. It was perfect for you.”

Steven: “You just gave it up to your mom like this. You are an Idol in my eyes.”

For the night:

Randy gives it Lauren.

Jennifer won’t pick.

Steven gives it to Lauren.

David Cook sings out with “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

Best performance of the night – by a mile.