OK, OK, I get it. This is so difficult to predict. I could seen any of the nine being ousted and you probably wouldn’t have a legit argument against the choice.

The No. 1 spot on Wednesday works against Jacob, Paul has a history of low vote totals, Casey was almost gone once before anyway, on and on and on.

So, the best way is to try and think like the voting public which in and of itself is a scary proposition. That said, here are my Bottom 3:

– James, Jacob, Paul

James’ act is getting tired and the tears were (yawn) hard to watch on Wednesday at the end of his (yawn) performance.

Paul could have been, and probably should have been, gone a while ago but he has survived along with his combo Rod Stewart/Bee Gees wannabe sound.

And Jacob, poor Jacob. He opened his mouth to admonish the voters before he even sang on Wednesday and he firmly stuck his foot in said mouth. That, plus being in the lead-off spot (never good), brought him little favor with the voters.

So, tonight, the call is goodbye Jacob, hello Elite Eight.