I don’t really know why, but this on-line show “On The Spot” tends to grow on you.

The concept continues to be rather simple, very “AmericanIdolish” so to speak.
It’s a made-for-the-web production, as we have explained before, and Johnny Wright (you can read his credentials on the site) is the ringleader.

The idea is to find four singers from anywhere, select them and then mold them into the next “Super Group.”

Kind of like an American Idol winner on steroids – 4 bodies instead of 1.

I’m not anticipating the Four Tops, but then I am expecting something better than one might envision.

I still don’t get how this show – on-line only and not really being advertised anywhere that I know of – is going to survive. But maybe it’ll just make it on its own weight.

So, after five episodes (you can watch them all on-line and catch up rapidly) they are down to a Final 20. I tried to catch all the names and hometowns but I failed miserably at that so you’ll have to watch Episode 5 at least and get a feel for them yourself.

They come from around the U.S. mainly, but there are a couple from Canada and one from England and another from Ireland.

It really could turn out to be an interesting cross-section of voices.

Check it out: