Wednesday night – 2-hour show…

So, before the show even starts it has two strikes against it: 1) 2-hour show is an hour too long, sorry but that’s the way it is; 2) I’m not a fan of the Group Week cause it makes little or no sense to me. This is not a show to pick the next Temptin’ Temptations or The Shirelles. It’s solo. Pick up the microphone and sing by yourself.

And enough with the cryin’ and the glamour queens. But I digress. Let’s get on with it…

The first 15 minutes were a total waste of time. AI opted to show the contestants bickering as they tried to pair off into groups (at least three to a group… usually) and the focus mostly was on the Snooki wannabe Tiffany Rios. She couldn’t find anyone wanting to join her.. a real shocker there.

Basically it’s a quarter-hour of yawning….

OK, 39 groups, 168 contestants rehearse in the same place. Snooki gets to go in a duo.

Group of 15- and 16-year-olds get together and toot their own horns about being less nervous than their older counterparts…

Ex-couple Chelsee and Rob are no longer together and Rob tells us how hard that is to continue on with her being the leader of his trio…

And emotionally spent Ashley Sullivan bows out … which is about what I feel like doing about now…OMG … Ashley comes back after a little prodding from producer Patrick Lynn. Oh happy day…

Little – make that young – Jacee gets the boot from his group and talks it over with mom and dad and his new group…

Jordan Dorsey changes groups and that segment is a double-yawner…

Then Brett Loewnstern’s group takes in Jacee, oh wonderful…

39 groups and finally we might get to … Singing!!!

The groups are said to be at the point of exhaustion and so am I.

“Use your illusion, let’s have at it baby!” Steven Tyler tells all of them.

Pia Toscano, Alessandro Gueco, Brielle Von Hugel, “Grenade” –
“You guys slammed it,” says Steven “You guys were all amazing.” says Randy,

They were right…all three are good, Pia’s the best…

4 + 1 – Jordan Dorsey, Robbie Rosen, etc. – “I Want You Back”
Not bad, all go through, not as good as the first group.

440 – Lauren Turner & others, “Forget You” –
All good singers and all go through.

Judges haven’t sent anyone home yet, and rightfully so. Now we are about at the end of the first hour and no one is headed out the door … yet … except maybe a few viewers. OMG thank goodness the singing started.

OK, first up…

Rebel Star – Tiffany Rios and Jessica Yantz –
They are sent home and Tiffany begs. Randy said: “It was really bad. It’s the end of the line.” No question.

Kevin Campos sleeps in on the group Snanglish. Steven hits the drums to entertain.

Spanglish goes next with Jovanny Barreto, Kevin Campos, Jorge Gabriele, Karen Rodriquez. “Just The Way You Are,” –
Jorge and Karen head home; Jovanny and Kevin stay…although Steven originally gets it all mixed up…

The next group sings to Steven…(now will there be four guys singing to JayLo?)

“Some Kind of Wonderful”. –

Lauren Alaina is the only one of the group to go through. Just for pure moxie all four should have made it through.

We go yet another commercial break…

Nashville Stars – Colton Dixon, Matt Dillard – “Just the Way You Are” –

Just awful but they kept Steven. Colton. Why?

Janelle Arthur, Alyson Jados, Caitlin Koch. All are sent home and rightfully so,

Paris Tassin disappoints the judges and she is sent home.

Emily Ann Read, Adrienne Beasley and Aaron Guitirrez are sent home.

The Hits. Keeira Lynn, Ashley Sullivan, Ashton Jones, “Hit em Up Style” –
Randy tells them they are the best harmonized of all and all are through.

Wo go to break again and this time the stage moms … they’re baaaaack!

Deep Vs James Durbin, Emma Henry, Danny Pate, Caleb Johnson, John Jordan. “Somebody To Love” –

A bad Glee performance. Caleb Johnson and James Durbin stick around. But Durbin, the Santa Cruz kid, is getting worse by the performance.

Kiddies Keona Evans, Jalen Harris, Sarni-jOi Crowe, Deandre –
“That was as good as it gets,” says Steven. They are all through.

Steve Clawson, Corey Levoy, Hollie Cavanaugh, –
Hollie and Corey go through but they shouldn’t have.

Night Owls – Dan Noguchi, Lara Johnston, Julie Zorrilla, Melissa Lucas, Casey Abrams, “Get Ready” – they try one with no background music…

Julie and Casey make it, the rest are sent home. But some deserved better.

“Get Ready” redux and this time all four including Naima Adedapo and Jacob Lusk make it ,
“Every little bit of it was beautiful,” said Steven.

4 non Blondes and that Guy – Caleb Hawley, Devyn Rush, Chris Medina, Carson Higgins, Erin – “Forget You” –
Devyn is sent home. She does not think she deserves it. Medina is still not that good.

OK, another commercial and we are told by Ryan: “You won’t believe the incredible performances you will see. Everyone is fighting for the spotlight!”

Here we go… but sorry, the commercial is probably much better than what we are about to see…

Sugar Mama and the Babies: Denise Jackson, Stevie Cain, Natalie Hanson, Brett Loewenstern, Jacee Badeaux, “Mercy” –

Jacee makes up words ’cause he doesn’t know the song and he should have gone home.The whole group is put through. Jacee starts to cry.

Clint Gamboa, Scott McCreery, Monique De Los Santos, Frances Coontz, – Get Ready

The 3 of you … plus Clint are through says Steven. It was a litle scare as a payback for what he did to Jacee.

Chelsee Oaks, Jacqueline Dunford, Rob Bolin –
They don’t know the words. Jaqueline slips up and says the f-word. Rob basically quits on the show and is sent home. The rest are in.

Thursday – solo performances! 100 enter the spotlight and 60 advance.

And by the way, the commercial was more entertaining…