The word on the street (check out the following link) is that JayLo is upseto with Steveno.|aim|dl3|sec1_lnk2|40709

Her take, apparently, was that her agreement to be a judge on Idol was linked to a huge promo for a rebound in her career. Unfortunately, for JayLo it hasn’t quite happened that way.

Steven Tyler has jumped front and center ahead of her in terms of media attention, camera shots, commentary… etc. We’ve probably even seen more shots of Steven’s hair than JayLo’s.

And, apparently, JayLo is none too happy about the turn of events.

If she isn’t happy, how can the Idol producers turn that around and still not lose a Tyler audience that seems to have righted the Idol ship and continues to grow?

Has he stolen the show?

Is she right to feel slighted?

Can Idol do anything now to appease her without striking a sour note with the viewing audience?

I’d say to those three questions:

– Yes, absolutely.

– Sorta.

– No, it’s too late now.

What do you think?