We got a little bit of all that Idol has to offer tonight – some good singing and some ; some decent back-stories, and some yawners; some good lines by the judges and some forgettable ones.

All and all it was better than opening night. Actually featured one, maybe two contestants who might make the Top 10 come April.

Steven Tyler was somewhat laid back, only a pair of bleeps and even the savvy Ryan Seacrest matched him in bleeps. JLo was emotional in the end and Randy got a reunion with his old high school football coach.

We saw nine contestants so just for fun let’s group them:

A Chance at Top 10:

Jordan Dorsey, 21, La Place, La. – “Over the Rainbow”

Jovany Barreto, 23, Harvey, La. – Unidentified Spanish song –

Brett Lowenstein, 16, Boca Raton, Fla. – “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Going nowhere…

Sarah Sellers, 28, Richardson, Texas – “Make You Feel My Love” –

Jacquelyn Dupree, 24, Summit, Miss. – “I’ll Stand By You” –

Gabriele Franks, Boca Raton, Fla. – “Bad Romance” –

Alex Attardo, 18, New Orleans, “Proud Mary” –

One more step…then they go back home

Jaycee Badeaux, 15, “Sitting on the Dock of Bay” –

Paris Tassin, 23, New Orleans, La. – “Temporary Home”

From New Orleans 37 will board a plane for Hollywood. Vast majoriy will already have come back home by the time we watched this show on Thusday night.

Next week the show moves on to Milwaukee.