OK, Sonoma County are you ready for some singing!!!???

Who needs Monday Night Football when we have American Idol auditions?!

Next week at AT&T Park in SF.

Following are the particulars.

You don’t have to be a bikini girl, your name doesn’t have to be Titiani and you certainly don’t have to leave your pants on the ground, pants on the ground…

Just bring your voice, a lot of guts and the ability to keep your fingers crossed so you’ll have more than a little luck on your side.



Thursday, August 19


WHAT: Open call audition for the 10th season of American Idol…

WHERE: AT&T Park, 24 Willie Mays Plaza, SF

WHEN: Aug. 17-18 Pre-registration

– Wristbands will be distributed to auditioners during pre-registration (tables open at approximately 7 a.m. Aug. 17 and will remain open until 8 a.m. Aug. 19). Once auditioners obtain their wristbands, they will be asked to return to the stadium by 5 a.m. Thursday Aug. 19) to line up for their audition.


Thursday, August 19

NOTE: Contestants who make it through to the next round of auditions cannot sing for the cameras after their audition. Those contestants who do not make it through can sing for the cameras after their audition (outside the stadium) if they would like to.

There you have it. Might the American Idol winner for Season 10 be a resident living along the banks of the Russian River or someone working in a local body shop? We are about to find out.