Final footnote to Bucky Covington”s Wednesday evening visit to SR…

With about 400 fans in attendance at the Stony Point Grill, Bucky launched into his first song and about halfway through the power went out on the amps.

Oops, Bucky was singing, but no one could hear him.

He made light of the situation and with his two guitar-playing backups he launched into Kings of Leon”s hit “Use Somebody.” And he was quite good.

But Bucky is country and that is that.

You kinda get the feelling that A) if the right song comes along, Bucky will nail it; B) a crossover hit like Lady Antebellum”s would make young Bucky a lot of money.

In the meantime, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and audience enjoyed his 45-minute free performance.

Guess is he got him a few more fans and he sold some CDs by virtue of his afternoon in SR.