If Wednesday night’s elimination is based on Tuesday’s performance then either Siobhan or Mike will go and I think it’ll be Mike.

If it’s based on the body of work for the entire run of the show, then Aaron goes.

Here are the rankings after Tuesday night:

Lee Dewyze – “You’re Still the One”

Casey James – “Don’t”

Aaron Kelly – “It’s in the Way You Love Me”

Crystal Bowersox – “No One Needs To Know Right Now”

Siobhan Magnus – “Any Man of Mine”

Mike Lynche – “It Only Hurts When I Breath”


What the judges had to say:


Lee Dewyze – “You’re Still the One”

RJ: “One of my favs of all time, you started out pitchy, but you found a way to make it your own. Pretty good job.”

ED: “I think you did better than pretty good. It always sounds like your version. You couldn’t look cuter.”

KD: “The sound of your voice on every song makes it sound so relevant. Look how far you’ve come. It was a good job.”

SC: “I thought that was absolutely the perfect song. It started off a little bit hesitant, you were pulling some weird faces.”


Mike Lynche – “It Only Hurts When I Breath”

RJ: “I really think you’ve found your zone. You did a great job, you are in the zone of who you are.”

ED: “I was nervous about your song choice, but it felt like Luther Vandross, I felt your emotion. It was beautiful.”

KD: “Shania is connected when she sings, I always feel that from you. I thought it was great you didn’t change the melody too much. Great job.”

SC: “I thought the performance was a little bit wet, like in a musical acting out the words.”


Casey James – “Don’t”

RJ: “This is one of the best Casey James performances ever. This could be a great thing in your wheelhouse.”

ED: “You sang that like that’s really where you belong. I actually think it’s your best to date.”

KD: “Artists do not hide, you were vulnerable, you were raw. If you keep doing it, you’ll be at the front of this competition.”

SC:  “I agree this is probably your best performance so far. Last week was a wake-up call. It didn’t feel like somebody else’s song.”


Crystal Bowersox – “No One Needs To Know Right Now”

RJ: “I love the nicklecreek version, it wasn’t my favorite performance, I love seeing you try different things.”

ED: “There’s nothing you can’t do. Not my favorite either.”

KD: “It’s impossible for you not to be good. It was believable. Was it your best? No. But still amazing.”

SC: “Shocker we don’t like Crystal this week. I thought it was limp. Something you would expect in a coffee show. I didn’t feel the conviction.”


Aaron Kelly – “It’s in the Way You Love Me”

RJ: “Dude this is definitely your wheelhouse, I think you did a really good job.”

ED: “This is gonna be tough, everybody is doing well. I can’t get over the fact that you’re 16 (he’s 17). Well then I take it back! Ha ha. The amount of emotion and depth you showed…good job.”

KD: “I completely agree, it was like you really felt those words.”

SC: “I think the last two or three weeks you’ve struggled. Tonight, you were like a different’ artist. This is the kind of record you should make. It felt sincere, believable…well done.”


Siobhan Magnus – “Any Man of Mine”

RJ: “I loved it, I loved the punk country look. I loved it.”

ED: “Way to pull the Shania Twain into the staiong. Fantastic.”

KD: “Guess whose back! Siobhan!”

SC: “I thought the song was perfect, I think the screaming in the end went on a little too long, but it was fun, it was good.”