If you recall the early stages of last season’s American Idol when Danny Gokey started his run he was linked to a buddy and fellow contestant Jamar Rogers.

Rogers made it to the week before the semifinals before being cut.

Gokey went on to finish third, Rogers went back home.

Gokey has gone on to sign with a major record label, release a hot-selling CD and become the opening act for a soon-to-begin tour by the group Sugarland.

But what happened to Jamar?

“He tried out for American Idol again this year,” Gokey said on Thursday, a day before his appearance at the Chrome Lotus in Santa Rosa. “Then he (Jamar) decided that he didn’t want to go through it again this year so he quit.

“He had made it right to the step before the judging. He had a clear-cut chance to get in there.

“And remember, he had tried out in Season 3 and made it all the way to the top and then got cut. So he said this is the third time and I just don’t think I am ready for this again.

“He is in New York right now pursuing a music career. He’s been doing some writing and publishing.”