So, I’m watchin’ a nice little hour of AI on an elimination show. Goin’ OK, albeit a little too much unnecessary meladrama.

They had trotted out David Cook to perform a Rolling Stones song he probably shouldn’t have done cause he is much better than that, then came Orianthi who is a spendid guitarist (she was going to go on tour with Michael Jackson) with a flat voice and then finally out popped Ke$ha.

I just don’t quite know where we are going with this. But here are some things I can assure you of:

That $ in Ke$ha’s name is really there and it means she is laughing all the way to the bank.

She sang, or tried to sing, something called “Blah, Blah, Blah.’ Yes, you heard that correctly. And she came out looking and acting like a 5th rate Lady Gag Me and later changed headgear to put on the persona of the Village People, who ought to sue her for defamation of character.

I tried to learn a little more about Ke$ha through Wikipedia and even that biographical material only made me wonder – why? Why is she on this AI stage before a national audience, why is she on any stage?

Face it, it had to be hard enough for Lacey and Paige to stand there and wonder if they were going to be kicked off the show in front of a few million eyes much less have to endure watching someone wearing an Indian headdress and prancing about the stage with no more talent than either one of them.

But maybe that’s the kicker – both Lacey and Paige got a closeup look at success in the music industry these days.

Paige turned out to be safe for another day. Lacey got the boot from the nationwide audience and then was denied a save from the judges. But the third strike never came. Lacey got to watch Ke$ha and if that didn’t raise her spirits nothing will.

Blah, blah, blah…


The save rule is good for only one time use from now until we get to the Top 5. The judges passed on using it Wednesday night.

The three bottom feeders:

Paige Miles

Tim Urban

Lacey Brown

…..and the one elminated and NOT saved by judges…

Lacey Brown