It’s just about 24 hours later and I’m still reeling from Billboard’s New Year’s Eve Show on FOX.

What exactly did I watch? Tuned in just to see performances by Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta, but I got so much more.

Frankly, I don’t know where to start. I am no TV critic. Don’t pretend to be. Just like you. Kick back with a sip of champagne to toast the New Year, some munchies and figure a little music will pass me off onto another page on the calendar.

So, Wednesday night, 11 p.m. sharp Carmen Electra enters my family room. Her hair is a mess, half the time she is having difficulty reading the script, new batches of odd-looking people continually surround her, performances switch back and forth from live to taped from years gone by and lists of Billboard’s top songs, artists, etc. are woven into the tapestry like a very bad Christmas sweater.

The longer I watched, the more ill I became. I just don’t know what the producers could have been thinking. Well, they weren’t. I mean Vegas is out there to begin with, no sense in making it look even worse.

And then there was the segment showing Eva Longoria cooking in her new Vegas restaurant. Talk about a show-stopper. Just about put me to sleep. This was supposed to be a rockin’ New Year’s Eve show, not Rachel Ray in the evening.

But back to the music. Kris and Allison did two songs. Kris was what you have seen in the past. First of all, he is not Mr. Vegas. I like the guy’s personality and I keep trying to like his music. Really. But watching him in front of the Mandalay Bay performing “Live Like We’re Dyin'” was painful. Those in the crowd who were swaying back and forth with cell phones in hand appeared to be doing so either because A) they were prompted to; B) they had a bad connection; or C) they, too, were just trying to stay awake. Vegas is not the venue where Kris should be trying to kickstart a musical career.

Allison came on last and just managed to squeeze in two numbers before the programming went to the next show at 12:30 a.m.

Bless her little L.A. heart, Allison tries, but I was so distracted by her hair I could hardly figure out the song. The flaming red hair was all over the place and mostly over her left eye all night. Sometimes it simply covered her face and you couldn’t tell if she was facing the camera or headed backstage. Maybe the name of the song should have been “Annoying” cause that would have fit the ‘do.

Then there was the outfit. She called it a “zipper-dress” and yes, it had a zipper up the front but the wardrobe looked like something that Cyndy Lauper used to wear or that Lady Gaga rejected.

Allison simply needs to concentrate on her considerable singing talent and as she says “be true to yourself.”  Allison, don’t try to be Lady Gaga or any other outrageous act out there these days. Just sing. Belt it out.

Kris, don’t go back to Vegas anytime soon. To your credit you are doing the right thing – singing and not trying a theatrical performance on-stage. I don’t quite know where your niche is. It’s not the college circuit or Christian rock or pure folk music. This may sound blasphemous, but with a lot of work, some luck and the right songs you could become a latter day Jim Croce.

And Carmen … please, don’t host anymore New Year’s Eve shows.