Paula’s not coming back!
This is so shocking! Can AI exist without the verbose Ms. Abdul?
Just in case you missed it, PA announced on her Twitter page overnight that negotiations over her contract had broken down and she won’t be returning to Season No. 9.
For PA, 8 was enough.
Word was that talks had filtered up into the eight-figure range. Now, just in case you are keeping score that’s about enough to cover the GNP of several small countries.
So, in memory of Paula we bring you “Good Paula; Bad Paula”:

Good Paula: Her sometimes humorous banter with Simon.
Bad Paula: Her obnoxious dancing that put the focus on her and away from the contestant.

Good Paula: Her inside music industry knowledge.
Bad Paula: Her – most times – overly positive commentary on a performance. Gag me!

Good Paula: Her performance on stage last season. Considering she’s 47 it wasn’t all that bad. Hummm? Maybe a PA Tour is in the works?
Bad Paula: What the hell was she thinking when she disappeared under the desk with Kara during one show?

Good Paula: Her occasional spot-on critiques of contestants. When she was right, and even a little critical, it was like, “Yes, Paula, we knew you had an honest streak in you somewhere!”
Bad Paula: Her gushing adulation for Adam Lambert. Yes, he’s good, Paula, now let it go.

Good Paula: Her wardrobe. Sometimes over the top, but never dull.
Bad Paula: $$$. She shoulda taken what she coulda and ran with it. Now will she simply disappear into that “8-year, 15-minutes of fame” cloud?

Any “Good Paula/Bad Paula” moments for you?

Also, to remind us that “American Idol” is still a good thing, here are some pictures from a recent AI Tour concert