Alexis’ Grace’s exit Q&A from A-I:

1. How did feel after getting the results?

‘I was disappointed because I had imagined myself going farther than that, and it was a little bit surprising to myself … I kind of had a feeling that I would be in the bottom, but I never imagined myself going home that early. I figured I’d stay in the game a little bit longer. So I was disappointed a little bit because I’d made it that far. It’s like, I want to make it a little farther, at least.”


2. Do you think it would’ve helped if you’d been able to sing a different song to earn the save?

“I’m gonna be honest — I think it could have. I think if I sang the first song that I sang, ‘Never Loved a Man,’ that maybe I would still be there. I don’t know. I think that ‘Jolene’ is a beautiful song but I don’t think it was the judges’ favorite performance, so I didn’t really get to really show them and remind them again why they picked me, or why America picked me.”


3. Is it more bittersweet to be cut during country week, since you’re from Tennessee?

“It totally is. I feel kind of like I let my state down, you know? I’m from the South and we’re supposed to do country well. And I actually think I sing country pretty well so it was a disappointment. Kind of let them down a little bit. But … I think I will be able to redeem myself from that.”


4. You play the guitar, so did you think about accompanying yourself on ‘Jolene’?

“You know it’s funny, Randy said the same thing to me last night. Yeah, I was actually thinking about doing it … but I wasn’t sure of myself. And sometimes when you get up there with your guitar, you get nervous and mess up, and I was just afraid that that might happen and it might be one of those nights. I wanted to stay away from any accidents happening.”


5. Are you disappointed not to go on tour?

“I’m really disappointed about that. I would’ve loved to have gone on tour, especially with all those guys. I’m really close with them, and I know that they’re going to do really well and it would have been fun to do some duets with some of those people, too. But there will be other tours.”


6. Do you think a guy will definitely win this year simply because there are more of them in the finals?

“I don’t know. I mean, there are a lot more boys than girls, so the percentage is higher. But that doesn’t mean anything because America votes, so it could go either way.”


7. What was the most challenging part of being on the show?

“Probably being away from my family; my daughter especially. That was tough because I went from being a stay-at-home mom and being with her every day to not seeing her at all or hardly talking to her, so it was really tough to be away from her.”


8. Who were you closest to among the finalists?

“I would definitely say Megan and Matt G. Matt cracks me up. He’s hilarious – always making jokes and doing riffs and runs all the time. And then Megan because we’re pretty much like the same. We both have kids the same age, she has a boy and I have a girl. And we always joked about on tour how our son and daughter would be boyfriend and girlfriend.”


9. What kind of album would you make?

“Some soul mixed in with blues and country. I kind of like the three combined together. Maybe some, I don’t know, Joss Stone mixed with like, Carrie Underwood with Sheryl Crow, or something like that.”