Just in case you never saw or heard them, here are the exit Q&A sessions with Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez:


1. The judges criticized you for being “robotic”? Do you feel like you connected with the audience?

“I felt like I did. But I know everyone has their opinions, and I really value that. I just really tried to give it my all every time I got up on stage. I had a great time. I truly enjoyed singing up there, and being with such wonderful people and doing everything I got to do.”


2. Did you have any hope the judges would save you?

“It was just unbelievable that they picked me for the wild card. You always have to have hope, you have to have faith and believe that it could happen, or that there was a possible chance. I mean, they could have said yes. But they didn’t, and it’s OK. I understand. They know what they want for the competition, and they wanted to probably save it, so it’s OK with me.”


3. What are your plans now?

“I’ve got to finish high school because I’m a junior in high school, and I’m going to go to college, definitely. And just pursue music. I really want to have a career in music, and maybe other things. But this is really where my heart is.”


4. How much did support from your fans mean to you?

“Support from people means so much to me. I really appreciate it so much. It’s unbelievable because ‘American Idol’ really does get you out there and a lot of people see you, so I’m so happy to know that I had fans, that people actually liked to hear me sing and that they voted for me.”


5. What were you planning to sing for country week?

“Well, I had various songs that I was going to do. I was thinking about something by LeAnn Rimes or something by Carrie Underwood. But now I’m not going to get to do it, but it’s OK. I was really looking forward to it. I guess we’ll get to see what everyone else gets to do, so I’m excited to see that.”




1. Were you hurt when the judges didn’t save you at the end?

“I was not hurt by that because I believe that a person should not have any excuse and when something happens, it’s because it’s meant to be. I just took the hit like a man, and you know what? Things are going to be great for me because this is just the start of something much, much bigger.”


2. Do you think it’s a good idea for the judges to get a veto?

“I think it’s a really good thing. There’ve been people like Chris Daughtry, like Clay Aiken, like Jennifer Hudson that didn’t win and they’ve done great and you always think they should have gone farther. I think that’s going to help out the competition and who’s going to get the prize at the end.”


3. What was the most challenging aspect of the show for you?

“The most challenging aspect of the show for me was that even though Puerto Rico has a lot of influence … we are a country by ourself and we have our own culture there and we listen to music is Spanish. And my biggest challenge, until now, was picking songs for the show … it’s not the kind of music that I’m used to singing and I have to learn and I have to get used to it.”


4. Do you think the language barrier was a disadvantage?

“My first language is Spanish and when I’m going to do my best in singing and emoting what I sing, passing on emotions to people. To me it wasn’t a disadvantage, it just meant that I needed to work harder. And I don’t feel like it was something that affected me because I worked really hard and I think I did a great job.”


5. What will you do now? Will you return to finish college?

“This show is so amazing and I’ve gotten so much exposure that I’m gonna do both. I’m going to finish college anyway but I’m going to keep going with music. Music is my priority now.”


6. What song would you have picked for country week?

“Actually, country was kind of intimidating for me because, you know, I’m Puerto Rican. But, like, if I ever got to sing country in Puerto Rican, not only would I be the first Puerto Rican in the Top 13 of ‘American Idol,’ but I’d be the first Puerto Rican ever singing country in the history of Puerto Ricans.”