Slash – Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist – has gotten his way.
He’ll be the mentor on this week’s “Rock and Roll Week” on A-I and he’s been twittering about it since it was announced last Wedneday.
First off, he let it slip last Sunday when he said:
“American Idol has asked me to do the mentor bit for Rock Week.”
On Wednesday Slash twittered, “I’m going to attempt to make “Rock Week” on American Idol exactly that.”
On Thursday, on his Myspace page, Slash admitted that he was reluctant to take the mentoring job at first, but was convinced when the producers “offered me the freedom to do it however I wanted.”
“More importantly,” he said, “there are a few singers this year who are really impressive. Its the 1st time any AI line-up has really caught my attention.”
He added: “The approach I’m taking is different than usual on the show, and I’m going to make this as Rock & Roll an American Idol as possible, wish me luck!”
And on Friday: “The contestants from AI picked some really cool songs for next week, thank god!”
And Saturday: “I had rehearsal for AI late last night, I mentor the kids this afternoon. Those AI kids can sing their asses off, especially Adam.”

Rumor has it the Final Four will be singing solos and duets.
“Next week should prove to be very interesting,” tweets Slash.