Just another sign that armageddon is just around the corner…
Most web shorthand I find UGH. But one I do enjoy is OMG and here most certainly is an OMG moment.
Just in case you want to toss an A-I finale party next week, or even practice for it this week, you can decorate to fit the occasion.
And such a bargain straight from buycostumes.com.
For the unreal price of $4.19 (about the price of a Happy Meal) you can have:
– A-I treat bag
– A-I 2 inch button
– A-I disco ball necklace (my personal fav)
– A-I sunglasses
– A-I sticker sheet
– and (drumroll please) an A-I inflatable microphone.

If that isn’t enough for an extra $2.99 you can get 8 12-inch A-I balloons; for another $2.99 A-I banners and…
if you act quickly for a pittance of $29.99 you can dress the little one up in a San Francisco child audition costume.
For the life of me I don’t know how that varies from a Kansas City child audition costume but I suppose there is a distinction.
Kind of suprising that for another $9.95 they don’t toss in a recording of well-wishes from Anoop Desai.
Enjoy the party…