Adam Lambert started his A-I journey (on-air) on Jan. 20 at, of all places, the Cow Palace. On that prelim show he was the 13th contestant to perform that night and afterward in my notes I wrote: “who was that guy?”
Well, we have certainly found out.
When they made the cut to the Top 36 I set his odds at winning then at 3-1 and they are probably a little lower now.
Lambert is polished. That sums it up. As we later found out he has been involved in theatre since he could walk so this gig was a natural for him – the presence that is. The voice, on the other hand, was a gift and had to be worked on over the years. He got the gift and he obviously worked hard to refine the talent.
Will he win Wednesday night? Probably.
Does he deserve the title? Probably.
Even if he doesn’t win does he have a musical future somewhere? Absolutely.
As much as he struts about as a rocker, it would seem that his best venue will be Broadway. His overall talent would be wated doing a one-night gig in Des Moines in a rock band as opposed to a 2-year stint on stage in a hit musical.
Hopefully, tonight he’ll once again perform “Mad World.” It’s riveting.
By the way, don’t be consumed by what the Fab Four judges say of the performances tonight. A year ago Simon & Co. practically anointed Archeluta, the next night, after the voting, they had a change of heart and said Cook did very well… We all know who won that one.