You must admit, it was ironic that Kris Allen tried out for A-I at the Louisville, Ky. audition in the shadow of Churchill Downs.
Much like this year’s Kentucky Derby winner – Mine That Cat – Allen has come from out of nowhere to be in the finals. No one expected this and after you read his journey chronicled below you’ll come to realize how long the odds really were that he would be singing Tuesday night.
The night that audition show aired – Jan. 21 – Allen was so far overshadowed by other contestants that I didn’t even make note of his performance.
Matt Giraud and Alexis Grace were much better that night.
And then there was always Rebecca Garcia who got more airtime. After her performance, Simon said this: “A trillion percent, do not attempt to have a career in music.”
At the round of 36 I put the odds of winning for Kris at 8-1. I’ll stick with that and they might even be 10-1 or 15-1 now.
The key will be Kris’ singing tonight and exactly how the “Gokey vote” will be split between Adam and Kris.

Here is Allen’s initial journey in a nutshell:

– He couldn’t make the June tryout in nearby St. Louis because of his wedding.
– Kris, older brother Daniel and buddy Cale Mills drove 12 hours from Conway, Ark., to Louisville, Ky. for a subsequent tryout.
– Forgetting there was a time difference they arrived an hour late and had to talk their way into the final group of tryouts.
– Tney camped out for 11 hours before a 7 p.m. tryout.
– Kris was sick all day and later sang Donny Hathaway’s ‘A Song for You,’ and he passed. Mills was cut right away; Daniel made it through several rounds before being ousted.
– Now, almost a year later, look where Kris is…