When I opted in to do this blog back in January I didn’t know Kris Allen from Ray Allen or Adam Lambert from Jack Lambert.
I do now.
So, after Tuesday’s performances, who should win? Or does it even really matter in their careers as singers/performers?
Look no further than last year. Cook vs. Archuleta. In the big picture did it matter? No. Each found his niche and ran with it. Both will make a lot of money. Both will record some good songs, some not so good.
The same will hold true for Adam and Kris, no matter the outcome Wednesday night. And the winner will all come down to a matter of taste and what demographic decides to vote.
We don’t need to get into it again – the rocker with nail polish who’s been schooled in the theatre ever since he could say “To Be Or….” vis-a-vis the kid from Arkansas with a guitar.
Tuesday’s show really didn’t mean a whole lot. Adam was OK, but his first song – Mad World – was a bit of a disappointment considering how riveting it was the first time around. And his screaming on the last two just continued to get in the way of how good a singer he can be.
Kris was, well, Kris. He bends, he just doesn’t break. His opener was flawless, the final two not so much. But it didn’t matter cause he isn’t polished and doesn’t pretend to be. That polish, that stage presence will come if he wants it.
The judges tried to strike a middle ground, but it was fairly obvious they were voting, not so subtlely, for Adam.
But is it a slamdunk? I don’t think so.
In fact, I think Kris just might win and easier than you might think. He’s everyman and someone the voting public can certainly relate to a lot easier than they can relate to Adam.