Here are the leaders

After tonight the leaders should be Caleb and Jena. CJ probably will go.

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Sam gets the save

The judges decided to invoke the save, and low-man Sam will hang around to sing for us another week.

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Show is getting stale, finalists (yawn!)

For the most part it sounds like listening to kids down at the local coffee shop and open mic night....

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Majesty eliminated

No judge's save was offered, and the popular preschool teacher was sent packing.

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Time for Dexter to go?

We are down to the bottom 9, here are Wednesday’s performances and some predictions.

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MK’s exit interview

Here is MK Nobilette’s exit interview with the media last Friday after she was eliminated on Thursday night: What kind of album would she like to make? “I love folk rock. I think that would be a good genre for me. I love strings and I love horns. Something folky.” [...]

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MK heads home

Now we're down to 9.

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And the eliminated one will be…

Wednesday night’s performances featuring any Top 10 songs from 2011 to today.

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Ben Briley’s exit interview

Last week’s transcript of a conference call with eliminated contestant Ben Briley.

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Ben heads home and we are down to 10

Ben ends up at the bottom of Idol voting, narrowly missing his chance to be a part of the Idol Summer Tour.

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