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Baby Boomer Bill Pinella updates American Idol

More Randy Jackson comments

 OK, we are about five hours from the debut of American Idol Season 9 so Idol Chatter thought you might want to read more of what judge Randy Jackson had to say last week in a wide-ranging conference call. Here goes: Q: Randy, after all these years of listening to these auditions the first few weeks, are you growing more inpatient with the contestants who obviously can’t sing but just want their 15 minutes? Jackson: You know, that’s one of… Read More »

Jackson: No theatrical types this season

Give or take, 25 million folks will be tuned in and advertisers will start churning out upwards of $900 million over the course of the season when “American Idol’s” debuts at 8 p.m. Tuesday on Fox for its ninth annual run at America’s collective musical talent. Randy Jackson, one of the show’s four judges who has been with “Idol” since Day 1, answered questions Friday (Jan. 8, 2010)  during a wide-ranging conference call aimed at promoting a season that he… Read More »

Jackson comments on Adam Lambert

Randy Jackson was part of a conference call Jan. 8th (Friday) a.m. to promote next Tuesday’s opening of Season 9 of American Idol and he fielded a variety of questions, including one general one regarding Adam Lambert. Idol Chatter was going to ask him to expand on his thoughts regarding Lambert, but due to Jackson starting the session late and the number of participants we didn’t get to ask. Here’s what we were going to ask him and will, if… Read More »