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Baby Boomer Bill Pinella updates American Idol

Idol – Here’s who needs to go

They came Wednesday (boys) and Thursday (girls). They saw Motown and Detroit. But did they conquer? NOT. As hard as American Idol might be trying, it is not getting the talent the show so desperately needs. The idea here is to take a dozen girls and a dozen boys and whittle the number down to eight each. Very easily they could cut it down to four each after this week’s peformances. So, who are the four in each group who… Read More »

Down to a Top 24

American Idol “Season 14” is down to a Top 24 contestants and San Diego’s Loren Lott is  one of two California natives still in the running. The other Golden State finalist, announced after Thursday’s taped show, is Adanna Duru, 18, from Diamond Bar. There are 12 boys and 12 girls left in the competition. The show will continue next Wednesday when the top dozen boys perform and then on Thursday with the Top 12 girls. Both show will be live performances… Read More »

Hollywood weeks

Here are some more clips from Hollywood weeks. How some of the 200 or so that are in attendance are there to begin with is beyond me. This is the portion of the Idol season that I like the least. Here you go: