Season XIII Top 13 Finalists (photo courtesy of American Idol)

Tonight we get down to the Magic Dozen, well the Top 12 singers (?) does seem more appropriate. For what it’s worth here is one man’s Top and Bottom 3:

Top 3: Malaya Watson; Majesty Rose; Sam Woolf

Bottom 3: Dexter Roberts; Kristen O’Connor; CJ Harris

(Why was it much easier to pick the Bottom 3?)

And who goes? Let’s say Kristen…

Rundown from Wednesday night:

1. Dexter Roberts– Aw Naw by Chris Young –

Keith says he is a likeable guy. The song and the performance are not likeable. I can only compare him to any of the contestants I’ve watched on The Voice the past two nights. They would have almost laughed Dexter off the stage. Dexter and Idol might be in trouble this week.

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Malaya Watson

2. Malaya Watson – Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars –

Fun, yes; energy, yes; a contender, I guess. Talented, marginally. Potential, maybe.

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3. Kristen O’Connor – Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson –

Kristen is awkward. Being in the Top 13 is a mistake for starters. She says she reinterpreted the song. Jlo tells her to stop thinking. But she may be gone anyway, this was a disaster all right.

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4. Ben Briley – Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash –

Ben’s playing the guitar tonight, with some fiddles behind him. Keith said the tempo was rather brisk and boy was that true, like too brisk. This is the first in-tune vocal. Is it great? Yawn. Best performance of the night? Let’s hope not. He is no Scotty McCreery.

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CJ Harris

5. CJ Harris –   Radio by Darius Rucker –

He loved the song when he first heard it on the radio. Good, but seriously, the road has got to end soon for CJ. Probably a nice guy, but he just doesn’t belong in the final Top 13 on a show like this, or maybe on a show like this that used to be called good. In other words, maybe it’s the show and not CJ. And with their idiotic and continued praise, the three judges are growing less and less creditable. Simon would roll over on his tight-fitting T-shirt if he were on this panel.

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6. MK Nobilette – “Satisfaction” by Allen Stone –

She had a tough time picking the right song, and this is not by the Stones. She’s different, but if she is the best of the group … well, I hope there is someone better.

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7. Majesty Rose – Tightrope by Janelle Monae –

It is hard to understand what Randy Jackson is saying prior to each performance. This is definitely the best song choice of the night but tough to do in the 90 or so seconds she was given. By far the best of the night. She will wind up in the Top 3 and then have a so-so career.

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Jena Irene

8. Jena Irene – The Scientist by Coldplay –

She made it as a wild card so in a way she is playing with house money now anyway. No piano tonight but like it or not she has a unique voice. Put her ultimately in the Top 10.

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9. Alex Preston – A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz –

He performs the song acoustic, with guitar. A little bit of Lee DeWyze here. Top 10 material. Mr. Connick thought it was a good tune for him. Even I could tell it was a little pitchy. Jlo was caught up in the mood he created. She loved it.

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10. Jessica Meuse – The Crow And The Butterfly by Shinedown –

What was Randy talking about when he said she had to commit to the meaning of the song? Big voice, unique, good song for her, not for me. She received high praise from the judges. Top eight. JLo called it the best vocal of the night so far.

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11. Emily Piriz – Glitter in the Air by Pink –

Randy says all Emily has to do is put her own spin on the song. She does and that means she will last another week. But, face it, it just wasn’t all that good. Would you buy it? Doubtful.

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Sam Woolf

12. Sam Woolf – Unwell by Matchbox 20 –

Randy now says that Sam has to sell the emotion of the song. Idol has to sell the use of Randy making such inane comments!  He finishes and the girls scream. Harry didn’t feel his vocal mirrored the confusion of the song. Bingo! Keith thought the tempo was slow. No question there. And JLo tells him to get loose. It could have and should have been so much better.

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13.  Caleb Johnson – Pressure and Time by Rival Sons –

An old Idol descriptive word pops up here in “karaoke” and Caleb brought it back in a big way with his performance.

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