There are 15 boys, will they all perform? We’ll see. Doubtful.

Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson – “Stay With Me” by The Faces –
“The soul and the cool thing in your voice, you’re just born with that,” said Mr. Urban. “That was some real Rock Star-Ish,” said Ms. Lopez. “It’s a really strong way to start the show,” commented Mr. Connick, Jr. And if he is correct we are in for a long two hours.
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CJ Harris – “Shelter” by Ray Lamontagne –
CJ admits that he’s self-taught on the guitar. And singing, we must presume. Mr. Urban compares him to Dobie Gray and Jonny Lang. He says he just had a root canal.
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Emmanuel Zidor –  ”The Best of My Love” by the Emotions   –
Iffy singer at best. Doesn’t deserve to be on this national stage.
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Sam Woolf

Sam Woolf – “Babylon” by David Grey –
He was recently accepted to music school. Decent effort, bad song choice.
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George Lovett – “Grenade” by Bruno Mars –
He’s a huge fan of Joshua Ledet. The song choice is tired. Mr. Lambert told him he was a great singer. He did seem to be nervous. Runs were out of control. “I’ve heard you sing better,” said Mr. Connick, Jr. and he was booed lustily by the audience.
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Dexter Roberts – ‘This Old Boy” by Craig Morgan –
Easy to listen to, kind of generic. First performance ever without a hat for what that’s worth.
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Alex Preston

Alex Preston – Volcano by Damien Rice –
Says he plays 10 or 12 instruments and that leaves one kind of skeptical if he doesn’t know exactly how many! He was probably the best overall performer of the night, of both nights.
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Malcolm Allen
Mr. Connick, Jr. said his runs are monotonous. Maybe. Maybe not.
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Ben Briley

Ben Briley –  ”Soulshine” by The Allman Brothers
Just squeezed into the final 15. Ms. Lopez said he came alive with this performance. He did just that.
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Spencer Lloyd – Love Don’t Die – the Fray
He was definitely happy to make the cut and perform and you had to wonder when he heard Mr. Connick, Jr. say, “This was not good at all.”
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We await Thursday when the slicing and dicing will continue.