Keri Lynn Roche ditched the guitar and black duds for a little white dress as she sang "I'd Rather Go Blind." Jennifer told her, "It was so close," but her final solo wasn't strong enough to keep her. (photo: American Idol)

Top 30 segment – 15 boys and 15 girls advance…

Pseudo-drama is wearing on me. Another “come out of the room and be congratulated by family and friends” scenario. Yawn…double yawn goes to the segments where they are stopped by a commercial break right before the announcement of whether contestant A moves on to point B. Yes, Double Yawn…and, finally, we get to the end of the show, two male performers left for one spot, we set up the drama between the two Alabama competitors and then announce you’ll have to wait until Thursday night to find out the results. Triple-Yawn.

Quick comments on most of the finalists. Remember 15 boys and 15 girls advance to the final 30 (now that’s really fair, isn’t it? What if 20 girls are actually better?):

Emily Piriz – 17 – “Stars” by Grace Potter – big voice so-so but makes it to the Top 30. Volunteered to go first and revealed that she is of Cuban heritage.

Spencer Lloyd – 19 – Original Song – terrible but he makes it to the Top 30 after, of course, then comes the first commercial break of the evening.

Jillian Jensen – Original Song – made it, but the tears are getting boring and we are only in the first 30 minutes of a two-hour (yawn) show.

Madelyn Patterson – 22 – “Up on the Mountain” by Patty Griffin – Cut and many, many more tears.

Michael Simion, Labryant Crew, Sabrina Lentini – are all cut and we see little of them.

George Lovett – “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz –makes it to Top 30, easy choice…

Shelby Ann Marie Miller – 16 – “Wide Open Spaces” –done, not much talent here.

Sam Woolf – 17 – “I Try” (Original) – lotsa drama gets him to the final 30. Song, a tear-jerker, is about when his mom moved away a few years ago.

Quick look at a few rejects and Keith Urban says something about an analogy to a H2O faucet. What was he talking about?

Kerri Lynn Roach – 24 – “I’d Rather Go Blind – kinda liked her but, of course, she was cut.

Malaya Watson – 16 – “I Believe” by Fantasia – screamer and I don’t like screamers. She moves on.

Maurice Townsend – “Wrecking Ball” – guy can sing and thankfully he makes it.

Bria Anai Johnson – 16 – “It’s a Man’s World” – little too much, but through

Jessica Meuse – 23 – “I’m Done” – Original Song – makes it, raspy voice and all.

Jesse Roach – 27 – “Wide Open Spaces” – cut to commercial first, she had to sit in front of the judges with Jessica, judges had to pick one of the duo, of course, judges’ whispering annoying, Jesse goes home.

Dexter Roberts – Cowboy makes the cut.

Emmanuel Zidore – 24 – “I’m Going Down – no, no, no, too much theatrics. He makes it to the Top 30.

MK Nobilette – 20 – “A Team” by Ed Sheeran – OK, not typical Idol drama queen; makes it although judges had to proclaim “the world is changing.” Ya, think?

Kristen O’Connor – “Unconditionally” – yawn, moves on.

Jordan Brisbane – 15 – “Halo” by Beyonce – marginal, but there was no way he was going to be cut on his birthday.

Casey McQuillan – “Glitter in the Air” – no way.

Nica Nashae – “I’d Rather Be Blind” – c ya.

Leah Guerro – “I’d Rather Be Blind” – cut

Andrina Brogden – “Burn” by Ellie Goulding – makes it via yet another sing-off vs. Leah.

Malcolm Allen – 21 – “I’m Going Down” – reminds a little of Burnell Taylor – Top 10 material

Alex Preston – 20 – Original Song – needs to go but he doesn’t.

CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher meet the judges at the same time. Oh those sneaky Idol producers. We find out Thursday night who moves on. Should be Thrasher.