Keri Lynn Roche celebrates receiving a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. (courtesy American Idol)

There’s not a lot to say about Week 2, Season 13 of American Idol. Much the same as Week 1 with one exception – mercifully, Thursday night’s show from Atlanta will be one, yes, one hour! Can we have an Amen! And, and, and (drumroll please) there is a rumor that Larry “Pants On The Ground” Platt will make an encore appearance. If that is the case then this stacks up to be a memorable show.

Could General Larry Platt be making another appearance at idol? And if so, which article of clothing will end up on the floor this time?

But Wednesday was just another two-hour, too-long rendition with way too many contestants getting a Golden Ticket to Hollywood or wherever the next stop is going to be.

One name to remember – Khristian D’avis. She received a gold ticket and she exemplified most of what is wrong with this season’s show. Can’t sing, whines, more or less talked her way into a seat on an airplane headed west. Dawg Randy Jackson would have said no; Simon “T-shirt” Cowell would have been annoyed; and even Steven Tyler probably would have been appalled even though she is half-Italian.

With 40 more contestants getting a thumbs-up, we now have 119 Golden tickets handed out and less than a hundred to go.

Friday we take a long look at The Chamber!!!