The rumors continue to float around American Idol just a week after the Season 12 finale. Even ex-judge Randy Jackson got back into the mix on Friday morning.

Good Morning America caught up with Jackson in Florida where he was donating some of his guitars to the
military. He said he quit, he wasn’t fired; he wouldn’t acknowledge any relationship he knew of between

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Simon Cowell and Paul Abdul when the three of them were on the judges’ panel (although he did so, shall we say, half-heartedly); and he alluded to the fact that his being on a judging panel somewhere might not have hit the end game. In other words, much to your dismay, you just might be hearing “She’s in it to win it!” sometime soon on a network near you…

Maybe the newest show should be called “So You Think the Ratings Are Down.” Well, they are. Final prelim numbers for American Idol – Wednesday shows off 26 percent; Thursday shows down 23 percent. Do ya really thnk it’s time for a change?

Future judges report: Kelly Clarkson appears to be a no go while Jennifer Hudson is looking promising.

Finally, Mariah Carey performed on GMA Friday morning with guest Miguel doing one number with her. During her opening number, Mariah’s dress was falling apart in the back on stage and she did an interview while a seamstress
came to her rescue. At times her microphone wasn’t working properly and the opening of the number with Miguel had sound problems. All in all it was one of the more forgettable acts in GMA history. Had she been doing this as an Idol
contestant she never would have made it to Hollywood.