Rumors continue to circulate that not only Randy Jackson,
who announced his retirement from the Idol judges’ panel last week, but all
four judges are gone next season. Who will replace them? Now the word is rather
strong that it will be Idol alums on a three-person panel and it’s almost a
foregone conclusion.

Names being considered: Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken.

From the “We can’t make this stuff up” department comes a story out of York, Pa. and
West Manchester Township where a couple, one 48-years-old and the other 57,
stabbed each other after arguing over who should win the Idol title last week,
Candice Glover or Kree Harrison. The couple didn’t deny the incident, the only
detail they disagreed on was who stabbed whom first. They were being held in
jail at last report.

Keith Urban, who will perform in Chula Vista on Sept. 28, is still up in the air about his future as an American Idol judge. “I have no idea. For me, I’m in the studio literally this week finishing up my album and putting a tour together, hitting the road in July.”
Urban was speaking last Thursday following the AI finale and after his initial
season as an Idol judge.

Keith has one strike against him – he’s not an Idol alum.


The beast of all trivia questions. This one will get you quite a few beers at your next bar stop.

In the American Idol finale for Season 12 last Thursday, on his last show after all 12 Idol seasons, what was judge Randy Jackson wearing?

Here you go, exclusively from Idol publicity: Jacket by Saint Laurent; necklace by Nialaya; pin by Ben Amun; and cuffs by Saint Laurent.


Nicki Minaj talking to Ryan Seacrest on her relationship with Mariah Carey: “I really thought we were friends. That’s the other thing I learned. This industry is so fake. You walk away thinking people are your friends, and they’re not.”

Will she be back as an Idol judge? “That’s the million-dollar question.”

Nicki – you aren’t an Idol alum.

Kris Allen has undergone another surgery on the wrist he broke in a car accident. He
said on his website: “For those of you who are getting worried right about now …
don’t. I will be fine. After everything is healed, I will be able to play
guitar. I will be able to play piano. I will be able to do the things that I
love to do. Just not a proper pushup.”