At long last we are down to the final four hours – two Wednesday night, two more on Thursday – and naturally we are all over the map.

Candice Glover vs. Kree Harrison for the label of American Idol. Will either one
succeed? Guess here is that, as Keith Urban says, “Will you buy their record?”
At the moment the answer is doubtful for either finalist.

No. 10 singer to be eliminated, Curtis Finch, Jr., has proclaimed that the producers,
to a certain extent, have “fixed” the competition so a female would win. In a
sense, he is correct.

The predicted winner here, as it has been since Hollywood week is Candice.

And if you just have to be the winner of Season 13, here are this summer’s tryout sites
and dates: San Francisco (July 16); Detroit (July 21); Atlanta (July 26);
Boston (Aug. 2); Austin, Texas (Aug. 7); and Omaha, Neb. (Aug. 11).