Maybe Dorothy Shackleford, mom of “The Voice” judge Blake Shelton, has it right. She recently tweeted: “Nicki (Minaj) makes me throw up.”

Wednesday’s American Idol rendition, which featured the Final Four singing twice (a 2013 song and a standard), didn’t change much of anything. Since no one was eliminated a week ago, those 38 million votes will be added to this week’s total and we’ll be down to a final trio. Another gimmick as Idol is grasping at
straws for ways to get its ratings back.

Thursday night Harry Conick, Jr., this week’s guest mentor, will perform along with and David Cook. These elimination shows are grabbing the spotlight. Why? Because the Wednesday performance shows are so predictable, so “the same.”

For the record, here is what they sang on Wednesday:

Angie: Diamonds and Someone To Watch Over Me.

Amber: Just Give Me a Reason and My Funny Valentine.

Candice: When I Was Your Man and You’ve Changed.

Kree: See You Again and Stormy Weather.

I tuned in to “The Voice” a couple of weeks ago and the lingering thought was, “How come the talent on this show is so, so much better than that on Idol?”

And, yes, Dorothy, I get where you are coming from and I concur. Nicki has become the poster child of this year’s Idol from her idiotic comments to her, at times, revealing underwear. It all makes you want to up-chuck. She has overshadowed the other judges and certainly taken the focus away from where it really
belongs, on the contestants.

Just where are Paula and Simon when we really need them?