What will bemore interesting than Wednesday night’s performances or even Thursday’s AmericanIdol elimination show? Well, try the ratings.

Why? Well,the theme this week is the songs of Burt Bacharach and Hal David and then Songsthe Idols Wish They Had Written. No offense to Mr. Bacharach and the man withtwo first names, but while their songs may well stand the test of time I just
don’t see them exciting this generation.

I really don’tknow if we are still in Gen X or if it’s now on to Gen Y or Gen Z, but
nonetheless when Lazaro Arbos slips into his rendition of “Close To You” I can
foresee a lot remotes checking out the Food Network.

Next week it’ll be Divas and The Year You Were Born. Sometimes I just feel like AI is askingfor a departure from the television landscape.

OK, even before they sing I’ll predict that Janelle Arthur will pack up and go home this