Is it really a lack of male talent?

Is it the voting this season – allowing you and any of the other few million viewers to cast 50 votes at a time?

Have the judges influenced the audience to the point of considerably agreeing that the five remaining female contestants are THAT good?

Are Kree, Candice, Amber, Janelle and Angie THAT good?

Do the show’s execs really want a female to win this season? And, if so, why?

Devin Velez was eliminated on Thursday night. The show itself was maybe the best of the season with performances by Onerepublic featuring AI alum Katharine McPhee, last year’s Top 10 finalist Colton Dixon and current judge Keith Urban. But, as usual, it
was a downer for the eliminated contestant.

Velez left for his hometown of Chicago wiping away tears but probably with the knowledge that he full-well knew he had zero chance of winning the competition anyway and less a chance than that of gaining the judges’ “Save.” (We all know that “Save” is headed in the direction of Lazaro when the day comes that he is a bottom-feeder.

So, the suspense hardly thickens, other than realizing that next week there will be
definitely be a female in the Bottom 3. The world can rest easy knowing that.