This week was way too easy … at the bottom, that is. The top of the remaining nine was
another story. You could take your pick of any of five girls and you would get
little argument.

But the bottom belongs to Lazaro Arbos. He made a vain attempt to sing “In My Life” and nothing went right. He was even out of sync with the background singers. The
kid from Naples, Fla., needs to head back home. It will be interesting to see
just how he holds up if he is eliminated on Thursday night and on the AI Summer
Tour. Hard to say.

Here is Idol Chatter’s ranking of the Top 9 from Wednesday night’s performance:

Amber Holcomb

Kree Harrison and Candice Glove

Janelle Arthur

Angie Miller

Devin Velez and Paul Jolley

Burnell Taylor

Lazaro Arbos

 Two footnotes: Aubrey Cleland was voted as the Summer Tour’s 11th person over Charlie Askew … Thursday night, in addition to Jessica Sanchez performing, Casey Abrams will also sing prior to the elimination of one
contestant as we reach the Elite Eight.